Creative License’ – Best Film, 2010 US National Film Racing Competition


A mentally-afflicted young man is accused of murdering his longtime benefactor. The truth of what really happened lies in his mad obsession with his supposed victim’s old typewriter, on which he types relentlessly, day and night.

An entry to Steven Spielberg’s “ON THE LOT” filmmaking competition, QWERTY gathered over 60,000 views in the online voting stage of OTL.

Written, directed, and photographed by Paolo Dy

Starring Michael Williams, Cathy Azanza, Miguel Faustmann, Arvin Trinidad, Altair Alonso, Boyd Tinio, Irra Cenina, and Nic Manahan.

Production House: OutofTheBOX
Executive Producer: Nato Caluag
Producer: Ian Hernandez
Post: Jason Tan
Sound: Soundesign / Jasper Perez
PD: Aida Concepcion

‘QWERTY’ from Paolo Dy on Vimeo.