Mike Shinoda’s Reply :)

Responses To Comments: Maschine (and recording)

1oo71: Would you recommend it as a first piece of equipment, or should beginners get something simpler?

M: I think the Maschine Mikro might be a good starter…it’s $400 US, which is a pretty good deal, considering what you get. The sound library it comes with is really good, BTW. So you’ll be starting with a big library of good sounds, and you can start adding your own from there.

counter17: Hey Mike just wanted to know. What kind of monitors do you use for your home studio? Thnx

M: I switch between Adam A-7s and Mackie HR 824s.

kytheram: mike what did you use to make the beats on reanimation?

M: I made most of my beats and loops right in ProTools at that time. Just clipped little sounds and laid them out in grid mode.

Radyo Plexus: Mike, if I would put my own personal studio, what would you suggest in terms of the analogue consoles and recorders? Thanx!

M: If you’re a beginner, I wouldn’t recommend going analogue right away. Digital recording is cheaper and provides beginners with a lot of experience, since most of the software packages come with bundles of plug-ins / effects (so if you don’t know a lot about how compressors, EQs, gates, reverbs, delays, etc. work, you’ll get to play around with all of them). Analogue recording means you need to buy tape, which you need to get every time you want to record. Plus the tapes pile up in your closet as you make new stuff. But if those things don’t sound like deterrents, analogue recording is a lot of fun. Great, warm sound, and it tends to limit you to a certain number of tracks, which can be a good challenge.

DerekOswald made this awesome remix and video, which I wanted to share.

And finally, don’t forget to tune in to LinkinPark.com in a few hours to catch the inexplicable A THOUSAND HORIZONS, streaming in augmented reality…go to the site now to register and be ready to watch.

The Link 🙂


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